Personalized Malas & Bracelets

My passion is making Personalized Pieces, whether they be malas or bracelets! I love combining both my creativity and my energy therapy background to bring to you a true 'power piece' that can embody your intention and help you get closer to your personal goals.
I connect your personalized piece to your numerology blueprint, your soul, and your intention - so that it optimally works for & with you. 
Every piece comes with a description of the stones that were used for your mala/bracelet, and how they specifically help you with your intention.
It also comes with a note explaining a part of your numerology blueprint which includes your soul vibration, your life purpose, and your personality. This is meant to help you create a deeper connection to your true SELF, learn about your strengths and weaknesses, your qualities and your shadows, so that you can be unapologetic about who you are - and in turn be the best version of yourself.
Malas also comes with a video explaining your piece and the messages I received when I was connected to you at a Soul level.




  To place an order, email me at Mantrahj@gmail.coWhat I need from you to make your personalized piece:

Your full name

Your full Birthday

Your intention- what you are now working on improving in your life 

If there are specific styles or colors that you prefer

And finally Your budget - Prices vary due to the variety of minerals that I use. Some stones are higher quality than others, some are more rare and harder to mine, or even to find in a bead shape. Price will also vary if I use high-quality metals like gold or silver, or if I use more wood. This is why I ask you what you are comfortable with so that I can make you the most awesome mala!! to suit your budget.

personalized Singles Bracelet starts at - 90$

personalized Mala starts at- 250$

I look forward to co-creating with you! 



I can't say enough about mantrahj , true caring about human and planet well being . Sabrina brings all of her knowledge, love and integration to make wonderful and powerful unique pieces of jewerlry. Thank you for letting me wear your creations all day , everyday. Since I wear them I can definitly see a positive impact in my daily life . Now I know and connect with my inner self much better. It helps me to heal emotional trauma and gives me an emotional balance! It also helps me to express my hidden talents and definitly raise up my confidence . Thank you for your amazing work of art , one of a kind . I hope that many human beings will benefit from what you heartly create. - Eva



I've received 2 malas from Mantrahj now, and to me they are not just jewelry, they are pieces of art that hold energy. 
You can see the attention to detail and hard work that's put into the pieces. Not just the jewelry itself, but the hand written explanation behind the colours and numerology, as well as the video going into even more detail. Also knowing that no one else has the same one as me, adds that personal touch that you cannot put a price on. Sabrina was meant to do this. ❤ E.D