From a very young age, Sabrina was intrigued by the power of meaningful intention.  Her journey began at a Naturopathy School in Montreal, Quebec, where she was introduced to methods of holistic healing. From here she uncovered her fascination for the energetic aspects of healing, and embarked on a path of learning many energy healing modalities. Today Sabrina is a Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, Numerologist, Energy Healer and Workshop Facilitator. All of her knowledge and experience has led her to the making of Mantra Holistic Jewelry; creating meaningful pieces with the intention of well-being and healing for the highest good of all.

“I want to create fashionable pieces of jewelry that help embody and
represent people’s intentions, dreams and hopes. It may be to encourage
wellness, healing, love, compassion, patience, grounding, confidence,
motivation, or more to incorporate into their being. “
- Sabrina




The Process

With every piece of jewelry that is created, whether it is a custom order or not, the maker is in a state of meditation. This process allows the energy and intention to be communicated to the piece and its future owner. All gemstones are cleansed and activated for the maximum potential of healing and benefits of well-being. Finally the piece is personalized and programmed with the intention of choice


What is a Mala?

Traditionally malas were used as prayer necklaces, similar to rosaries or misbaha. With every bead, a mantra, prayer, or affirmation is recited. Today you can use your mala to meditate or simply wear as a 'power peace'.


Why Mantra?

A mantra is like a prayer, or an affirmation that you recite, and hold close to your heart, knowing that it is changing your energetic makeup and thus affecting your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual outcome. This is the intention and meaning we honor while creating each piece of jewelry at Mantra HJ.