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How I can serve you.

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High Vibe Crystal Jewelry

The Healing Journey

Healing means: when something is transformed for the better.

When something, a thought, pattern or physical manifestation causes us to feel stuck, anxious, unbalanced or actually causes pain, healing/transformation is necessary if we want to move forward.

Healing is a power that we all have, and I help you access that innate power. 

This happene through one on one sessions, group meditations, or personalized -intentional- jewelry. 

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I've received two Malas from Sabrina, and they are not just jewelry, they are pieces of art that hold energy.


..Since I wear them I can definitly see a positive impact in my daily life . Now I know and connect with my inner self much better. It helps me to heal emotional trauma and gives me an emotional balance!


I bought a beautiful Mala back in the fall, I just wanted to say that it has really become part of me. I wear it everyday and it has brought incredible balance to my life, and at the same time so many more doors open up to me.


Astro-Numerology & how it works


Through these personalized readings we get to dive deep into what really makes you you. What is effortless for you, your strengths. You also get an in depth look at your Life Purpose, why you are here...Your Souls mission and the wisdom you came here with. We also look at your current life cycle, what to expect in the coming year, and how to navigate that. If your in a relationship, we look at the dynamics that can cause issues, how to work with them, and what make you a great match. 

Numerology for couples

In a relationship reading, we look at the dynamics between both people that make the couple work. But we also see the potential challenges you may face, and how to better navigate your differences to keep harmony and balance. 

Astro-Numerology sessions can take place online or in person.

Reiki & Crystal Healing

Reiki and Crystal Healing are combined in one session that takes place in person. This form of energy therapy can help you feel more balanced by  releasing negative energy that may be weighing you down. It increases vitality and reduces feelings of anxiety. It clears emotional baggage, and help the physical body heal...

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Sabrina is very calming and has a listening gift. She makes you comfortable right away and its easy to get into a meditation state. It was a wonderful experience , and is definitely helping me in this working process in myself. Cant wait until my next session.


C’était ma première expérience de reiki avec Sabrina et jais adoré, les bol tibétain, jais absolument tout senti..L’énergie qu’elle a c’est incroyable. Ma vie a changé depuis, merci encore.


Workshops, Trainings & Group Meditations

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